Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wow, I'm a bit late...

So yes I am a bit late to this wonderful world of blogging. But I'm finally here so all is well. I am starting this blog for several reasons:
- The challenge of figuring all this stuff out
- Something to do
- Promote my Etsy site
- Share all of the bizarre shit in my head. Yes do be afraid....

If you are reading this, and god forbid, choose to follow, I must warn you of the following:
- I can't spell
- I have a tendency to be inappropriate, and un-PC
- My grasp of the English language is tenuous at best. Despite the fact that I was born on the east coast to English speaking parents. I am just that much of a tard at times... sorry

  So thanks for reading. Hopefully I will have something to say that will interest you.


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