Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New books and my love of Goodwill.

I haven't put any of these in my Etsy shop yet. The photos are done, and uploaded, the only thing left is writing the descriptions. I HATE writing the descriptions. 
  This loverly little book is made with a men's suit jacket from goodwill. I really like the traditional pin striping used in a non-traditional way. It amazes me that you can get a huge amount of quality wool suiting from goodwill for 3 bucks! 
           Yay stupid people who throw good shit away!
   If you ever get a chance go to Goodwill/Salvation Army in a wealthy part of town do it (Thanks Ryk!). They had whole racks of fur coats. bizarre... I was looking for leather to bind some books. I ended up finding a ton of leather skirts to cut up for next to nothing. Usually you pay $50-$60 bucks for a decent sized piece of quality un-used(except for the cow) leather. I snatched up a ton of leather skirts for $10 bucks a piece!
          Yay once again to stupid people.

This book was made from a reclaimed book from my local  Goodwill. The illustrations are done by one of my favorite artists Lane Smith.  Mr Smith's book was a bit  beat up and on the shelf for 50 cent hard backs. Was it thoroughly loved or just tossed aside, who knows?  Whatever the reason was I had to save it. I brought it home hacked the hell out of it with an Xacto. Wham Bam, a new book was born. I used a metal handle that I painted and antiqued white, some leather from a motorcycle seat that I painted stripes on, and some hand dyed Irish linen thread; and my treasure was saved....
   I really do love other people cast offs. My mother was certain that I was going to be a garbage man. She didn't understand that backyard spaceships had to be made from discarded metal bits and bobs, and boxes from the neighbor's trash. Despite this natural calling, I'm not so sure that this would have been a good career choice for me..... have you ever seen the tv show Sandford and Son....can you say hoarder......


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