Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Save the Arts: Jeremy Deller Poster

Save the Arts: Jeremy Deller Poster

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A bit of a warning

Very cute Kittens and working on 4 needle Coptic stitch books do not mix very well. Just imagine curious Kitten and 4 strings with shiny things bobbing about.... FAIL...
oh yeah... they are always cute when they are asleep!
1/2 sewn book after much untangling!

New Glue Review

Okay so it's not really a New Glue Review per say... That would indicate that there is an Old Glue Review. I just liked how the title sounded so I went with it.
    As with many things I have a bit of a fetish for glue and adhesives. I am always willing to try something new. As with friends/lovers (just kidding P!), no adhesive can fulfill every need. There are a few however that I favor.

  YES Stikflat glue is evidently a rice flour based glue. This makes it mostly archival. I use Yes glue far more than any other. I has a wonderful tackiness, it's repositionable, and best of all water soluble. Okay so most adhesives are water soluble... Yes is different. Every one of us has had our sloppy day. No matter what you do you seem to get glue on everything. Well with YES, you really don't have to worry. It will wash out of a dry glue brush, wipe off your cutting mat, and scrape off your brayer. I am super anal about ANY glue showing on my work. If you get a bit of yes on your expensive (or cheap) paper it just takes a bit of spit on your thumb and you can do the old Mom thing and wipe the Yes away. It will not mark or stain your paper.  Yes glue can do no wrong in my book.
  My second favorite is Spray Adhesive. I recommend re-positionable Elmer's Craft Bond. Spray adhesive is basically two glues in one. If you spray the glue on both surfaces, let it dry and then stick together. You will NEVER be able to pull the two surfaces apart. Think rubber cement or construction adhesive. Once stuck, it's there forever. If you lightly spray just one side and let it dry you can reposition. Thing a stickier post-it note.  In my former life I was a merchandiser. This job required that I was never without my spray mount. I needed a holster. Two warnings...1) Spray adhesive is pretty smelly so unless you like working whilst being stoned. Spray is an area that is well ventilated. 2) Spray adhesive is is not very archival.
  My third favorite is Glossy Accents. This is not technically a glue. It was designed as a clear epoxy like coat for paper and various objects. It functions very well for it's intended purpose, but it is an amazing epoxy like glue also. Regular epoxy is a pain in the ass. Glossy accent will hold small parts together very well. It will not fill gaps or hold large embellishments but small things like eyelets or rivets... it is awesome.
  There are a whole bunch of other types of adhesives that I use but these three are the one's I reach for the most. Some day I will bore you with  my review the others.
   Thanks for reading!
Yes Stikflat Glue - Pint, Yes Stikflat GlueSpray Adhesive 11 oz canRanger Inkssentials Glossy Accents Precision Tip, 2-Ounce