Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flea market finds

I got up pretty early on Sunday and went to a local flea market.  I seem to remember a certain amount of lame-ness when it came to this particular junk emporium. Evidently I have a short memory and went again anyway. So despite it's large amount of suck, I did manage to find some gems at a great price.
     I have been looking for a hand drill for sometime. They are great for working with bookboard. This little pretty was from the REDHEAD TOOL Company. I did a bit of research and that particular company stopped manufacturing tools in the early 50's.
  I have a bit of a ruler fetish so I had no need for this tri-square. But it was too pretty to not be mine. Brass, Rosewood, and steel... Aaaaaaah...

  Please ignore my messy studio. Someday I will clean it up and post some pics.


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