Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Folder Review

 I can't believe I am doing a review of paper folders. This is a tool that is sooooo basic and soooo unremarkable, yet soooo important to any kind of paper crafts. One would not think that there would be a whole lot of variation on the old tried and true Bone folder... but alas... there is.
   The basic paper folder is made from animal bone. Usually the leg of a cow is used, but They can be made from virtually any sturdy smooth bones. 

   I have drooled over hand carved folders made from Horn and exotic woods. Despite the fact that I would love one of these, I know when I broke it opening my Coke Zero I would have to cry.
Oooooooooo so pretty....

  So I brought it home and low and behold it does not leave marks on dark paper. It worked amazingly! Also, because of the slight flex of the Teflon, you are able to get a sharper fold.  I was shopping the other day and cam across a new type of paper folder....Teflon! I am sure they are not really a new technology, but being the tool whore that I am I HAD to have one. Picking it up I noticed a major difference..... It's slightly flexible. The material is much less hard then Bone. I read online that Teflon folders will not leave a shinny burnish mark on darker papers. Well seeing home I use mostly colored and a whole lot of black paper, I was intrigued. Not that that fact was going to change my mind.... whatever the advantage was, it's a new tool, and I needed it to be mine.

 .................... I do believe I am in love.
Various paper folding tools... yes I have used a butter knife (Eeeeeeak!)

Teflon Folders are a lot more expensive then regular bone folders, but when you spend that $10-$20 for beautiful handmade Paper from Napal, the extra cost is so worth it.


Dymphie said...

i bought a teflon folder a few months ago and since than never reach for the others i have.

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